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Boss Bitch Inflatable Suit Test
Sammie has agreed to get paid double overtime & test a new inflatable suit but she is lied to about what the tests are all about. Soon she is begging to be allowed to leave but is verbally taunted and humiliated by her boss.
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Runtime: 52.45
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Dry Suit Test
Holly bought a second hand dry suit and is trying it out in the pool. She blows up out of control and rips through the suit.
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Runtime: 28.90
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Girls In Gear
Girls In Gear
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Runtime: 258.84
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Graceland love Affair
Eris comes back from working at the plant to a warm reception of ice cream from Taylor. She begins to feel strange and then begins to inflate. Taylor acts aloof. Part of the 7VIALS series.
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Runtime: 67.32
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Her New Suit: Stuck On A Treadmill
Holly gets a weight loss suit that blows up when she uses it. She falls off treadmill and can`t get up. The second half is Taylor and her assistant torturing Holly blowing her and leaving her stuck on treadmill until she falls again and is stuck.
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Runtime: 46.78
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Holly Is Turned into a Blueberry
Holly thinks she is just shooting a gum chewing and bubble blowing tease clip but Taylor has spiked the gum so Holly begins to fill with juice and blow up like a blueberry.
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Runtime: 47.59
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I Am Gonna Blow: Breast and Body Terror Explosion
Marcy took a nap after lunch. She has a serious peanut allergy and did not realize there were nuts in her salad she wakes to blowing up out of control and explodes.
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Runtime: 36.00
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Inflating the Fool
Helena is dating a complete jackass. She has finally had enough of his behavior and brings a friend over to kick him out. He refuses to leave so they force inflate him then threaten him with knives, pins etc then kick him out of the house inflated.
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Runtime: 27.14
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It Feels So Good It`s Better than Sex
Alura is in on a Saturday night watching tv and the remote sticks and she begins to inflate. The Bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. BE and Suit Inflation.
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Runtime: 53.60
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Juiced #1
The first attempt at producing Juiced which was one of the script contest winners. Casting issues arose so Kimberly Marvel took Helena`s role but her allergy to latex in suit and makeup made things a bit difficult. A second attempt is coming.
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Runtime: 54.86
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O God People Can`t See Me Like This
Cindy goes to a private college with all rich students. She is trying to fit in and pay for school. She ends up taking a humiliating job as a balloon girl in a giant purple suit. BE and Suit Inflation.
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Runtime: 87.33
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Orgasmic Terror Full Body Inflation
Holly is exhausted after a party and passes out in a mess of balloons. She begins to blow up like one and becomes turned on until she wakes up and is in terror but cant fight how good the pressure feels as she grows until complete terror.
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Runtime: 61.52
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Revenge Is In The Air
Taylor prepares Helena for a wild night in their cozy lesbian bungalo. Its not until after Helena inserts the tube deep in her ass that Taylor reveals that she found out that she cheated on her.
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Runtime: 31.16
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Stuffing Growing and Fighting to Be Your Number One Feedee
All three girls have you (a feeder) for a roommate. They are gorging all kinds of food when they start growing they start fighting who can be your main feedee. Two belly expansions, one full body. They fight over who will be your number one feedee.
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Runtime: 46.08
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Super Shaper Holly
It is Holly`s high school reunion and she wants to look amazing. She orders the `supershaper` to get some new curves and it goes out of control. Excitement and arousal turns to fear as she is ready to blow up.
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Runtime: 37.25
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Super Shaper II: Kimberly Marvel
Kimberly in her new out of control weight loss suit. As you will see in the pictures it is not fully inflated but as big as she could go with her latex allergy.
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Runtime: 51.12
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The Curse
Brooklyn slept with her friends boyfriend and she insulted her for being fat when confronted. The friend placed a curse on her and Brooklyn becomes huge and Terrified. It appears that she is about to explode she is so big. SUIT BY
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Runtime: 42.68
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Trapped and Forced to Turn Into a Giant Balloon
Mad scientist turns Beth into a giant human balloon. As she grows she busts through her clothes.
Added: 304 days ago by Cuteshortguy
Runtime: 37.97
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