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A Very Glamorous Hourglass Dream
Alura is at work when she receives a package of magic potion. She falls asleep and goes into a beautiful dream world where she becomes a beautiful princess and grows a large ass and breasts that burst thru her top until they almost explode.
Added: 341 days ago by crumble
Runtime: 56.16
Views: 8971 | Comments: 1
All Carrot Diet Nightmare
Alura is happy with her figure but her boyfriend wants her to lose weight so she goes on an all carrot diet and experiences bizarre side effects.
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Added: 1932 days ago by
Runtime: 53.05
Views: 25399 | Comments: 1
Enraged Hulking Amazon Teacher Explodes
A quick `Hulk Out` clip with a small amount of process. Alura is so enraged she bursts through her clothes blasting her back out of her dress, pushing her chest out and bursting every single button as her massive breasts fly out.
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Added: 1932 days ago by
Runtime: 40.54
Views: 39760 | Comments: 2
Hardcore Breast Expansion: Alura Jenson
Alura starts thinking about her date and gets turned on. The more turned on she gets the bigger her tits grow. First cleavage growth, then heavy fluid, then when the sex begins they go way out of control.
Added: 341 days ago by crumble
Runtime: 53.62
Views: 7200 | Comments: 0
Hey Balloon Boy Be Our Little Inflation Slut!
Mika and Alura talk in depth about inflating you, the viewer, with helium from their tank. Lots of descriptive dialog and threats of popping in the humiliaton themed POV inflation clip with 2 great talkers!
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Added: 2007 days ago by
Runtime: 51.25
Views: 12872 | Comments: 0
I am Getting So Fat and I Love It
Very sexy stuffing and belly growing clip. Alura stuffs herself with a full chicken, potatoes and soda while she teases you and gets turned on because she knows you want her to get fat for you. She wants you to cum all over her huge growing belly.
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Added: 2107 days ago by
Runtime: 89.31
Views: 24626 | Comments: 0
I Want My Boobs The Size of This Bed
Purple gum blows them up as big as Alura wants them. She is thrilled and turned on and wants you to jack off all over them.
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Added: 2107 days ago by
Runtime: 65.98
Views: 26420 | Comments: 4
It Feels So Good It`s Better than Sex
Alura is in on a Saturday night watching tv and the remote sticks and she begins to inflate. The Bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. BE and Suit Inflation.
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Added: 2007 days ago by
Runtime: 53.60
Views: 17514 | Comments: 1
POV Accelerated Pregnancy: Alura Jenson
Your wife Allura took an accelerated pregnancy pill and gets pregnant right before your eyes. She realizes how turned on your are getting and encourages you to stroke your cock for her as she talks about her beautiful growing belly.
Added: 341 days ago by crumble
Runtime: 34.60
Views: 5457 | Comments: 0
POV: I Love Watching You Stroke Your Cock While My Boobs Grow
Alura learns that the bigger your cock gets the bigger her boobs willl grow. She is thrilled. As you stroke for her the bigger they get until they bust out of her dress. She loves them and they look amazing.
Added: 341 days ago by crumble
Runtime: 49.98
Views: 5676 | Comments: 0
POV: Revenge Ass Expansion Humiliation
Your now ex girlfriend is furious that you cheated on her. She casts a spell to grow the perfect giant ass and she humiliates you with what she plans to do with her new ass as revenge.
Added: 341 days ago by crumble
Runtime: 51.65
Views: 5392 | Comments: 0
Tainted Sample
After giving a sperm sample Dr Jenson`s patient expresses his anger with his persistent erection/no diagnosis. She spills some sample on her and contracts his condition but first she grows a cock. Pleasure reaction/large cumshot.
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Added: 2107 days ago by
Runtime: 71.05
Views: 42922 | Comments: 4